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In 1799, a group of United Empire Loyalists left Pennsylvania and traveled to the Niagara Peninsula by wagon. Included in this group were Dilman Moyer and his family. Each family of these first settlers purchased a 100 acre parcel of land. The farm still contains the original 100 acres and is now operated by Tom Moyer and family, the seventh generation of Moyers to farm here.
We now have over 126 acres of fruit orchards with more than 18,000 trees and vines with many varieties and types of fruit. This was planned to assure our visitors that they will always have some fruit, ripe and ready for picking, all summer long, from the first couple days of July until the end of September.
Everyone in the fruit business knows that freshness and quality go hand in hand. The quicker the fruit reaches the consumer the higher the quality will be. Here you do the picking yourself. When you stop and think about it, you can’t get fruit that is any fresher.
Also when you select the fruit yourself, you are sure that each basket contains only the very best from top to bottom. Visit the Tuck Shop for refreshments and such things as honey in combs or jars, and other natural farm products. 

The Moyers 

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