Redheart Plums- If we have these this year, they will start in mid August.
Sweet cherries: We have started our cherry picking. They will last approximately 3 weeks depending on how busy we are. The price remains the same as last year at $2.25 per pound.
Our picking schedule is entirely dependent on the weather conditions each year. We always recommend checking picking conditions before you head out to the farm. That way, you can be assured that you will be picking under the most ideal conditions.
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Picking Schedule
Peaches: Our peaches will hopefully start in late July and depending on the crop, will be off and on through to September.
Click Here   for the up-to-date weather forecast at the farm.
Apricots: Our apricots will hopefully start in late July and last anywhere from 1 week - 4 weeks.
Sweet Yellow Plums: We hope to start our yellow plums in late July and they will last about 1 week - 3 weeks.
Pears: Our pears will start in late August - September.
Blue Plums: Blue plums will start in late August - September.
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​Nectarines: Nectarines will start in mid - late August.